mosquito control company in Chesapeake

mosquito control company in Chesapeake

As summer draws closer, there is a rising excitement for warm days out in backyards. However, unfortunately, this season also brings with it some annoying pests in the form of mosquitos. If you want to enjoy a sunny day out, select a mosquito control company in Chesapeake to eliminate these insects.

Several practices work when it comes to getting rid of mosquitos as well as their breeding grounds. That said, one of the most popular methods is using a fogging machine. However, it is more than natural to have the query, do foggers work? Read on to know the answer!

The Efficiency Of Fogging Machines

Foggers do work! They are an efficient way of preventing mosquito infestation for quite a bit of time. At their best, foggers can keep these pesky insects away for at least 72 hours. So, a spray usually keeps your property mosquito-free for at least three days.

Of course, this is more of a temporary solution. As the fog gradually dissipates, allowing mosquitos to venture back into your yard. However, the advantage of foggers lies in using them as preventive measures rather than curing solutions. If you are not looking for a full-on professional mosquito treatment, these machines are your best option.

How To Get The Most Out Of Fogging Machines

Getting effective solutions from your fogger boils down to using it in the best manner. For efficient results, begin with spraying around potential breeding grounds.

Try to use your fogging machine on a routine basis, either weekly or monthly. If you ever feel that you might be facing a re-infestation, begin spraying at least twice a week. Routine fogging can keep grass and shrubs free of mosquitos and nests.

Fogging machines are pretty effective for mosquito treatments. You may even use them after treatment to prevent re-infestations. However, you must use them right or get professional help for efficient results!