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When someone that you know and love is arrested, you can panic and wonder what to do to get them out as fast as possible. One of the most common approaches is to contact a bail bonds professional who can help you get individuals released so they can prepare for their court date.

There are some fees that come with this service, so let’s go over what you can expect in terms of fees and how you can save a bit of money while you’re at it.

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Bondsman Fees

When you go to a bailbonds cleveland company, such as Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds, you should expect to pay some fees for these services. Typically, you will need to pay 10 percent of the set bail to have someone released, so make sure you’re prepared and have the right amount for your loved one.

Attorney Referred Bond Fees

If you are working with a criminal defense law professional before making arrangements with a bondsman, you may see your fees lower and will need to pay less for your loved one’s bail. Generally, the percentage will go from 10 to 8 percent, so you save a pretty chunk when working with an attorney for bail bonds.

Reduced Bail

In some cases, you may have an attorney that is skilled enough to get your bail amount lowered before you step into court for the first time. There is no specific amount that your bail will be reduced, as this depends on the specifics of your case, but you could see the price drop dramatically.

There are some other ways to keep some of the money in your pocket while getting a loved one out of jail, so make sure to explore all avenues and do ample research beforehand.